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  • god-the-absolute

    God The Absolute

    Yogacharya Dr. Aravinda K

    The author was born on 31st January 1966, in Perdoor village, Udupi district, Karnataka state, India. His professional degrees are B.E. in Electronics, M.S. (Engg.) in Computer applications, M.Tech. in VLSI design & Embedded Systems, and...

  • hakka-bukka

    Hakka & Bukka – Dawn of the Vijayanagara Empire

    Kamal Niranjan

    An underdog's story that delves into the lives of these lesser-known heroes of the Sangama dynasty. These valiant brothers rose from the ashes of defeat...

  • the-women's-toilet

    The women’s toilet

    Monika Kisku

    In this book, I have built some fictional characters and their stories. I have written about what feelings and experiences various women go through. I have penned down a few common incidents that have occurred at all levels of society too...

  • the-world-above-ours

    The World Above Ours

    Luna KS

    The planet Theia is our neighbour and on this planet, there is no such thing as ordinary. Well, that is what we thought until our protagonist proved us wrong. She is an ordinary...

  • unlocking-the-coaches-of-life

    Unlocking The Coaches of Life

    Dhruvv Surana & Brinett Rachel

    In writing “Unlocking the COACHES OF LIFE”, it’s our keenest intent to bow down in gratitude towards the humungous potential we, the authors unleashed during our enduring times. These lived, yet unrevealed...

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